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Artist Statement

“The 7 Contemporary Sins” is a collection of mixed media works that give visual space to observations and ideas which question the status quo of corporate industrial centralization of agriculture, energy, finance, and media. It was a reaction in early 2007-2008 to what I saw as a stage 4 metastatic spread of deregulated crony capitalism, corruption in business, in politics, and in the financial markets; perpetual war, religious & political extremism, and the insidious creep of consumerist culture.


Working through the process of creating these pieces was both cathartic and validating. Completing and exhibiting these paintings, and hearing people’s thoughts and responses about them has been a powerful experience. I realized that these themes identified things most people knew, but felt powerless to change. I believe that art has the power to help us change our Story, and thus our actions in the world.

From the earliest stories painted on cave walls, sung and spoken around campfires, stories have entertained us, enlightened us, enveloped us, informed our idea of reality and our place within it. The telling and sharing of stories has set us apart, distinguished our humanity. The stories we hold as true shape our actions in the world.

As humans we live in a world increasingly of our own design and fabrication; we have become separated from nature, from an awareness and understanding of the things that enable life to exist. We forget that we are born into and a part of the larger organism of a living Earth - that we are not separate from it. Water, Earth, Air - these are fundamental elements that enable life to exist. Yet our current story of separateness, is leading to the desecration and destruction of these elements which are the basic requirements for Life. The stories humans hold as true shape our actions in the world - it is time to change the old story of separation. All of my works that have followed the “Sins” and “Threads” series now give visual space to observations, ideas, and beliefs about the possibility for a “new story” for humankind.

The techniques employed in both series are an amalgam of acrylic and digital painting, collage, digital photography, and layers – both digitally and with paint on canvas. I hope you enjoy the work.


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Janelle Schneider