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A portfolio of my paintings for the Suit of Wands in the Science Tarot Project, and images from our launch party at the California Academy of Sciences.


One through ten card designs were painted using Photoshop, and the face cards were painted using acrylic mixed media on 24x36 inch canvases. For the launch party display I bound the four paintings together at the corners, and displayed on a raised central pedestal. There were also two stations with glowing light cube stands on which rested view master viewers containing the card art .


Science Tarot is a creative science communication project that combines science, art and mythology into a tarot deck to engage and awaken people's curiosity about science and the natural world. It is a group project, an exciting collaboration of professional talent including post-doc scientists, experienced tarot readers, graphic designers and published artists. We are united by our desire to explore and create at the intersection of science and art.


Wands as Creation


We begin our journey with the stars, where the elements that form planets and generate life are manufactured. Through astronomy and cosmology, we explore our human impulses to survive and create.

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"The cosmos is also within us,

We are made of star stuff."

- Carl Sagan


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The Art of Science Tarot - Suit of Wands

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