artist statement
©2018 Janelle Schneider All Rights Reserved


From the earliest stories painted on cave walls, sung and spoken around campfires, stories have entertained, enlightened, and enveloped us. Stories help shape our idea of reality and our places within it. The telling and sharing of stories is a distinguishing trait of our humanity. We live in a world increasingly of human design and fabrication seemingly separated from nature, and thus from an awareness and understanding of very thing that enables all life to exist. We have forgotten that we are born as a part of the larger organism of a living Earth, inseparable from Water, Fire, Earth, Air, the fundamental elements of all life.


Our story of separateness is leading to the desecration and destruction of our only home.

The stories humans hold as true shape our thoughts and actions in the world. It is time to change the old story of being separate, or apart from nature. I believe that art in all its forms has the power to heal, remind, reconnect us, to help us change our story, and thus our actions in the world.


"My work reflects a reverence for nature, touching on themes of duality, life, death, regeneration and transcendence - and of shared human condition."